Bird from Armenian Letters

silver - 925o, semiprecious stones ~ 35 pcs., weight ~ 2-3 g., colored enamel

The Armenian letters with its pictorial content and sound expression are a part of a nation’s literary culture and art. In literary culture and art of Armenian people the charm of expressional power of letters is hidden behind the viewer’s subconscious perception of the harmony of its form and sound. Each letter has its feature in depth and form, which was worked out, then developed and enriched during centuries from a manuscript writer to the other one.

Among letters invented by Mesrop Mashtots, bird-form letters are unique in designing of written works with its expressional power; and not only in Armenian culture. It is a letter, woven of colorful pictures of birds, with which the texts usually began.

Bird-form letters with its essence were in close relation with the content of the text, harmonized the features of the design of the page, hence from that point of view they expressed the taste of the time or the manuscript writer.