About Us

During our camping trips and trips to museums in Armenia, time and again we are overwhelmed with the desire to tell the world about cultural heritage we see there.  Our first thought is, how is it possible that information about all these relics, so carefully preserved throughout centuries, is scarce and so very little of it is available to the world.  All this, considering the fact that Armenia is the first country in the world that has accepted Christianity as its national religion.

There are lots of books on the subject, of course, but there is still very little done to disseminate information about the Armenian culture to wider circles.  Even though Armenia is one of the oldest countries in the world, its independence was not always intact; Armenians were often oppressed by other nations for long stretches of time.  Given this, the ability of Armenians to preserve their culture and to remain true to it is even more amazing.

Our desire to tell to the world about the history of Armenian land, about its historic heritage, this is the driving force behind the jewelry series presented here.

We are hoping that these jewelry pieces will bring much joy and happiness to their owners and will promote their interest and desire to find out more about one of the most ancient cultures in the world.

Thank you very much for appreciating our idea and giving us a chance to tell you about our work.